Welcome to DadeCity.com! We are a community website for Dade City and the surrounding area. Dadecity.com provides easily accessible information about Dade City and the area for our residents and visitors. We are working on developing a community calendar and welcome information regarding upcoming arts, educational, and business events. We provide LINKS to sites on our calendar, not merely listings going to dead ends.

We have included the information in areas of interest for both visitors and residents - business, climate, education, government, recreation facilities, cultural activities, accommodations, and many other aspects of our community. You may use the Navigational Buttons to move around our virtual community. Dade City is a  community that melts southern charm, culture, and sophistication with a warm, hometown appeal. We know you'll enjoy discovering everything our home town has to offer... from Historic Downtown Dade City to the Pioneer Florida Museum.

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 DadeCity.com provides information about Dade City and the surrounding area as well as providing web design and web hosting for local businesses and organizations.